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Since I’m spamming my Facebook way to much I thought I would share this with you tumblr.

When Kio and I got to Anime Matsuri back in April we were expecting to be stopped quite a bit but seriously not as much as we thought we were. Here’s the basic run down.
Picture 1 - Finally got dressed and ready for prejudging for cosplay contest, stopped here for 20mins
Picture 2 - After judging we gradually moved down the halfway for about another 20mins or so.
Picture 3 - We finally made it to an open room by the AA and were stuck there for a good 40mins or so. (We don’t have any pictures of us together b/c multiple photographers did individuals at that time. So enjoy some Madoka booty)
Picture 4 - Trying to get to the contest we were caught there for about another 40+mins, got into the contest and after the contest were there again for about 30mins.

People really liked us there for some reason. xD Two different characters, yet so much desu kawaii sexy -ness.